Adult sim

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Adult sim

Once at the Store you will be given the option to select a gender and age group. Any item purchased will become unlocked for all Sims of that gender and age group.These new items will appear at the top of the list of items with a new label when you navigate to the Wardrobe to apply them to your Sims.A: Using the Sim you wish to modify select a wardrobe and then select the "Browse Clothes" action.This will take you to the Wardrobe where **all** your unlocked styling options are available to choose from.Now that I've cleared the app data for Chrome, all my tabs have gone, and so far, no more annoying popups!I'm hoping I won't have to post another update, but will keep everyone informed if it comes back.A few people have asked me about this so I thought I would make a post just to explain the latest change with the ageing.

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I went through the same process once more, this time also clearing the app data for the G app too. But then the same thing happened this morning too, when I went to open Chrome!

So, determined to solve the problem, I went through the same process once more, but this time clearing the app data for every Google app I have. Slow and steady wins the race -- since this discussion is about encountering the issue in Chrome, I really should've identified that as the culprit sooner.

i cant figure out how to move one of my new young adult to an apartment???

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You can access the Store by tapping on any of the shops on your Town map or at the mall that sell styling options.

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