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Most therapists mean well and are willing to take accountability for their own “stuff.” So, it’s also important to give your therapist the benefit of the doubt … And sometimes what people think is their therapist’s issue is actually their own.

These “blind spots” can be the most difficult to see and are well worth talking about with your therapist.

We provide training at installation to ensure a smooth changeover and technical support should you need any further assistance.Knowing this show is listed as “Educational” and “Reality TV” “Reality-docudrama” is disturbing, there is nothing educational about this show or real for that matter.Let’s start with the obvious: You can’t have a film crew filming you in the middle of nowhere (like they show on Alaska Bush People) nor can you go too far into the woods with a camera crew for long periods of time for several reasons.Should you recognize one of these red flags, the first step, in most cases, is to discuss your concern with your counselor. A good therapist should be open and willing to understand your concerns.If your counselor doesn’t take your concerns seriously or is unwilling to accept feedback, then it’s probably in your best interest to consult with another therapist about it.

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