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The movie uses this attraction to set a frankly manipulative plot into motion. Various hints are dropped, various clues are planted.

Lacking any other clues, Pacino has a brainstorm: Why don't he and Goodman place an ad of their own, and then date all of the women who answer it? From attracted, total single /* --------------------------------- */ // Assign variables /* - 1. Selected gender population by age and education - */ if (education ! Get gender by age = */ //console.log('age Range: ' age Range.length); if (gender ! = [] && age Range.length 0) show Total Gender By Age(data); /* - 4. Get race by gender, ignoring age (we get percent of this from total gender population) - */ if (race ! We are able to provide assistance both financially and emotionally to all of our families with continued support from our generous contributors; this keeps our admin costs low to provide as much assistance as we can to our families. Any family who has passed through our doors, no matter how long ago or how short of a time frame, we consider them ours forever.Once an Ocean of Love family, always an Ocean of Love family.

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